Commercial Property Tax Appeals – Denver

We are a team of tax consultants, real estate appraisers, attorneys, realtors, and experts in real estate. We analyze commercial property by researching public records, collecting comparable sales, inspecting sites, and analyzing relevant market and applicable rental income.

How do your tax assessment services work?

We’ll ask you about the property and history, and ask that you supply us relevant property documentation, such as rent-rolls.

How are the property tax savings calculated?

For the tax years under review, subtract the property’s final assessed value (after protest hearing) from the initial noticed assessment value. Multiply this difference by the previous year’s total tax rate. The result equals the amount of tax savings. For example if the initial assessment was $1,000,000 and the final assessed value is $900,000 and the tax rate is 9%, the property taxes saved equals $9,000.

Hiring a Tax Attorney or attending meeting with Tax Assessor

You are not required to attend the meetings. We attend the hearing on your behalf for appeals to the Assessor and County. If the tax hearing goes to the State Board of Assessment Appeals, you many need to hire a tax attorney to work with us.

Fee for property tax reduction services?

There are no fees unless we reduce your property taxes or valuation. For past years, if we reduce the value assigned to your property we will send you a billing along with appropriate documentation. For prior years we will bill only after tax savings are refunded.

Will someone come out to inspect my property?

We will come to your property, review it in person, take pictures, and inspect the property to determine if the County inventory is accurate. We will need to know about any structural issues or damage, leases, or any other issues regarding to the property.